JJ竞技 product usage reporting and FAQs


Can I run my own usage report?
Yes, please contact support to receive your account number, username, and password.

Can you send me my usage reports? 
Yes, please contact support

Are COUNTER reports available?
Yes,  please contact support

When are usage statistics available?
Typically reports are ready 2 weeks after the close of the month. (15th)

Can I access Counter 5 Reports via SUSHI? 

Do I need SUSHI to generate my reports?

How do I set up SUSHI?

Can I access SUSHI with my Administrator Credentials?

Should I use SUSHI rather than your Administrator Portal?

What is the difference?

Can you send me your Administrator Portal link?

How can I reset my Administrator Credentials?

Where can I find Zero Usage in my report?

When will the Usage Reports be available each month?

Where can I find the Free Article per Title Report?

Can I request a report for Perpetual Titles only?

How do I access my Usage for Trials Report? 

How can I track the usage for my trials before the report is generated?



Usage links & guides

JJ竞技 provides usage statistics that are compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice for Release 5.

To access your reports visit the  Usage Portal: r5.bmjreports.com

We have created the below user guides to help you get the most from our usage statistics portal.

If you do not have an admin account, please   contact support .

JJ竞技 Best Practice

Glossary of terms

Usage reports user guide

Usage statistics portal

The JJ竞技 & JJ竞技 Journals

Usage reports user guide

Usage statistics portal

Tips for driving journals usage  

JJ竞技 Case Reports

Usage reports user guide

Usage statistics portal

Please email support for submission history

Research to Publication & JJ竞技 Learning

Please email support for usage reports



Quick links


Usage insights

Author resources

Evidence-based resources

Librarian interviews

Register for our librarian newsletter

Product links

JJ竞技 Best Practice

JJ竞技 Case Reports

The JJ竞技

JJ竞技 Journals

Research to Publication

JJ竞技 Learning

Open Access at JJ竞技


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