The most-read clinical reviews among North American physicians providing an in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge

Clinical reviews provide an in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge

The JJ竞技 State of the Art clinical reviews provide an in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge. Predominantly written by U.S. authors, these 5,000-word articles offer specialists, academicians, and researchers the latest thinking on a broad range of topics.

Review the current five most popular reviews published in 2021 listed below or access all of the clinical reviews on The JJ竞技 website. 

Top 5 Most Read Clinical Reviews of 2021

Diagnosis and management of functional neurological disorder

This review presents the latest advances in the use of validated rule-in examination signs to guide the diagnosis of the two most frequent FND subtypes: motor (weakness and/or movement disorders) and seizure-type symptoms. The range of therapeutic approaches available to these patients such as rehabilitative and/or psychological treatments is summarized.   Read review >    

Diagnosis and management of covid-19 in pregnancy

This review summarizes the evidence on the management of covid-19 in pregnancy, including therapies currently in development or testing and not yet in routine use. Read review > 

New generation psychological treatments in chronic pain

This review summarizes the evidence for CBT and ACT for the treatment of chronic pain, including headaches. It includes long-term outcomes, cost effectiveness, mechanisms of change, and moderators or predictors of outcome. Read review >  

Diagnostic reasoning in cardiovascular medicine

This review summarizes the evidence base of diagnostic reasoning in the context of cardiovascular disease, and how it can be applied in practice.  Read review >    

Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of cluster headache

This review covers the clinical, pathophysiologic, and therapeutic features of cluster headaches. Recent updates in diagnosis and management including new treatments for episodic cluster headaches are discussed. This review is the first to contain a video of a patient acutely treating a cluster attack. Read review > 

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