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JJ竞技 regularly issues press releases on its journal content and corporate announcements. Our media relations team also provides comment on issues relevant to JJ竞技 activities and values.

Latest press releases and corporate announcements

7 September 2022

The JJ竞技 : Two new trials find no link between vitamin D supplements and reduced risk of covid-19

The JJ竞技 : Study suggests possible link between artificial sweeteners and heart disease

6 September 2022

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Boosting physical activity/curbing sitting time highly likely to lower breast cancer risk

Emergency Medicine Journal: Emergency departments not set up to meet basic care needs of frail older people

31 August 2022

The JJ竞技 : Two new studies link ultra-processed foods with heart disease, bowel cancer and death

The JJ竞技 : UK health workers were let down by government during Covid pandemic

The JJ竞技 : Hospitals face a £2 million per month extra spend due to fuel price surge

30 August 2022

British Journal of Sports Medicine: End sexist scheduling of major sporting events to boost gender equality, urge experts

JJ竞技 Open: Steroid meds linked to structural and volume changes in brain white and grey matter

24 August 2022

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Mandated headgear may lower concussion risk among high school lacrosse players

22 August 2022
British Journal of Sports Medicine : Regular physical activity linked to lower risk of COVID-19 infection and severity

British Journal of Ophthalmology: Caffeine metabolite may slow progression of short-sight (myopia) in children

18 August 2022

International Journal of Gynecological Cancer: Steepest annual rise in advanced cervical cancer in US among White women

17 August 2022

The JJ竞技 : Standing desks alongside other measures cut office workers' sitting time by an hour a day

The JJ竞技 : No link between covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy and higher risk of preterm birth or stillbirth

16 August 2022

JJ竞技 Global Health: Dearth of high quality monkeypox guidelines may be hampering care globally

British Journal of Sports Medicine: IV nutrition risks becoming the norm for athletes, despite no evidence it works

JJ竞技 Nutrition Prevention & Health: 1 g cut in daily salt intake could ward off nearly 9 million cases of stroke/heart disease in China

11 August 2022

The JJ竞技 : Doctors’ reluctance to discuss anal sex is letting down young women, warn researchers 

9 August 2022

Heart: Dietary salt substitutes lower risk of heart attack/stroke and death

JJ竞技 Innovations: AI + ECG heart trace can accurately predict diabetes and pre-diabetes

5 August 2022

JJ竞技 Corporate Announcement: JJ竞技 releases 2022 impact report, reinforcing commitment to improving health outcomes for all

3 August 2022 

The JJ竞技 : HPV vaccination alongside surgical treatment for cervical lesions may reduce risk of further disease

2 August 2022

JJ竞技 Nutrition Prevention & Health: Small daily portion of Jarlsberg cheese may help to stave off bone thinning

JJ竞技 Global Health: Race discrimination linked to heightened risk of underweight and premature babies

JJ竞技 Open: Men have high probability of outliving women, especially the married and degree educated

28 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : Study finds important differences in monkeypox symptoms between current and previous outbreaks

JJ竞技 Global Health: Two in five eligible children in India missing out on preventive vitamin A 

27 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : Chronic lung disease remains major public health problem, especially in less developed countries

The JJ竞技 : At least 27 million* (see clarifications in main text) covid patients may have long term smell and taste problems

25 July 2022

JJ竞技 corporate announcement: New International Editor for The JJ竞技

Journal of Medical Ethics: COVID-19 may have increased UK doctors’ willingness to not resuscitate the very sick/frail

JJ竞技 Global Health: Unhealthy food and beverage brands encouraging TikTok users to market their products for them 

Gut: Fat build-up in liver (NAFLD) linked to heightened heart failure risk over next decade

20 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : COVID vaccines averted infection in 10% of patient-facing healthcare staff during second wave

18 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : The NHS is not living with covid, it’s dying from it

JJ竞技 Open: Minimum unit alcohol pricing may not be curbing drinking in those most at risk

Archives of Disease in Childhood: Proportion of healthy-weight young people trying to shed the pounds in England nearly tripled 

Heart: Overly restrictive salt intake may worsen outcomes for common form of heart failure

13 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : WHO advises against use of two drugs for non-severe covid-19

The JJ竞技 : New study updates evidence on rare heart condition after covid vaccination

12 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : Long covid patients are seeking experimental “blood washing” treatment abroad, investigation finds

Evidence Based Mental Health: Universal UK school-based mindfulness training to boost teen mental health probably not warranted

6 July 2022

The JJ竞技 : Experts find scant evidence to recommend continued use of hyaluronic acid injections for knee osteoarthritis

The JJ竞技 : Risks of shoulder surgery low, but study finds significant risk of reoperation

5 July 2022

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry: “Good evidence” that ADHD drugs might also treat Alzheimer’s disease

JJ竞技 Open: Water births provide “clear benefits” for healthy mums and their newborns

Journal of Investigative Medicine: Marital status likely key factor in predicting early stage gastric cancer survival

JJ竞技 Case Reports: Vitamin D supplement ‘overdosing’ is possible and harmful, warn doctors

29 June 2022

The JJ竞技 : New review of evidence highlights importance of ventilation to prevent spread of covid-19

The JJ竞技 : Are drug regulators sufficiently independent from the companies they are meant to regulate?

27 June 2022

Open Heart:  Heart failure deemed less important than potholes in public discourse  

JJ竞技 Open Respiratory Research: Cannabis use linked to heightened emergency care and hospital admission risks

22 June 2022 

The JJ竞技 : Infertility and pregnancy loss may increase women’s risk of stroke later in life

The JJ竞技 : Systematic bias found in cost-effectiveness studies sponsored by industry

21 June 2022

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Inability to stand on one leg for 10 seconds in mid to later life linked to near doubling in risk of death 

JJ竞技 Open: Wearable activity trackers + AI might be used to pick up presymptomatic COVID-19

JJ竞技 Global Health: Critical health worker shortages still hampering universal health coverage in Africa

15 June 2022

The JJ竞技 : Medicalising menopause may be unhelpful for some women

13 June 2022 

JJ竞技 Global Health: More than 14% of world’s population likely has (had) tick-borne Lyme disease

JJ竞技 Open Sports & Exercise Medicine: Intensive training linked to heightened asthma risk in cross-country skiers

Injury Prevention: Serious injuries more likely for kids using trampoline centres than home trampolines

9 June 2022 

The JJ竞技 : Set targets to cut inhaled anaesthesia greenhouse gas emissions, urge doctors

7 June 2022

The JJ竞技 : Widening gap in death rates between Democrat and Republican areas in the US

31 May 2022

The JJ竞技 : Three doses of the same or mixed covid jabs work equally well against infections

The JJ竞技 : Inequality is driving a black market for covid-19 antivirals that’s “putting patients’ health in jeopardy”

The JJ竞技 : Violent incidents at GP practices double in five years, JJ竞技 investigation finds

The JJ竞技 : Promoting prostate cancer tests in men without symptoms should be approached with caution

Journal of Medical Ethics: Mandating flu jab, but not COVID-19 jab, ethically justified for healthcare staff

RMD Open: Diet unlikely to ease progression of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis

JJ竞技 Global Health: N ew ‘climate cardiology’ specialty needed to tackle links between climate change and cardiovascular health

29 May 2022

JJ竞技 corporate announcement: JJ竞技 joins STM Integrity Hub, an industry initiative to protect research integrity

25 May 2022 

The JJ竞技 : New study gives a more accurate picture of pregnancy related diabetes risks

The JJ竞技 : Vitamin D does not prevent type 2 diabetes in high risk adults, trial finds

23 May 2022

Tobacco Control: Using e-cigarettes may lead to higher use of and spending on health services

JJ竞技 Open: Men with prostate cancer have higher risk of serious blood clots

Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine: Lidocaine infusions help relieve pain in unresponsive chronic migraine

18 May 2022 

The JJ竞技 : Vaccination after SARS-CoV-2 infection linked to a decrease in long covid symptoms

16 May 2022 

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Exercise regularly to boost bone health and cut falls risk, people with osteoporosis advised

JJ竞技 Global Health: Trained sniffer dogs accurately detect people infected with SARS-CoV-2

JJ竞技 Global Health:   WHO Foundation should not accept donations from the alcohol industry

11 May 2022 

The JJ竞技 :  Hundreds of patient data breaches are left unpunished, reveals The JJ竞技

The JJ竞技 : Regular exercise with dietary advice linked to better mobility in frail older people 

4 May 2022 

The JJ竞技 : Study finds large differences in heart attack care across six high income countries

The JJ竞技 : Experts recommend additional cholesterol lowering drugs for adults at high heart disease risk

2 May 2022 

JJ竞技 Open:  Opioid overdose death toll has risen more than 5-fold among Indigenous Americans over past decade

Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open: US regions with lax gun control laws bear brunt of firearm injury costs

27 April 2022

The JJ竞技 :  New study shows fewer people die from covid-19 in better vaccinated communities

The JJ竞技 : Language that belittles or blames patients is overdue for change

25 April 2022

JJ竞技 Sexual & Reproductive Health:  New drug combo “promising candidate” for on-demand contraceptive pill

Heart:  Calcium supps linked to earlier death in older people with heart valve disease

21 April 2022

The JJ竞技 : WHO strongly recommends antiviral drug for patients with mild covid-19

13 April 2022

The JJ竞技 : H ealthy lifestyle associated with more years without Alzheimer’s

The JJ竞技 :  Changing products on offer in shops and restaurants can lead to leaner, greener diets

12 April 2022

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Few UK online STI test services meet national standards 

JJ竞技 Open: “Promising evidence” that osteopathy may relieve musculoskeletal pain 

6 April 2022

The JJ竞技 : Study finds increased risk of serious blood clots up to six months after Covid-19  

The JJ竞技 : Steroid injections may provide longer lasting benefits for hip pain than current best care

4 April 2022

JNNP:  Childhood emotional trauma linked to heightened MS risk among women

JJ竞技 Sexual & Reproductive Health:   UK medical students missing out on comprehensive abortion care education

31 March 2022

JJ竞技 corporate announcement: JJ竞技 Best Practice to provide support to NHS for a further two years 

30 March 2022

The JJ竞技 : US lung cancer screening linked to earlier diagnosis and better survival 

The JJ竞技 : Study sheds light on psychological therapies for chronic low back pain

The JJ竞技 : We need to increase MMR uptake urgently

The JJ竞技 : Should covid-19 vaccines and drugs be not-for-profit?

29 March 2022

JJ竞技 Best Practice: Health Education England has arranged for JJ竞技 Best Practice to continue to provide clinical decision support to all NHS staff and learners in England for a further two years

28 March 2022

JJ竞技 Open: Warmer nights may lead to more cardiovascular deaths among men

Occupational & Environmental Medicine: Disinfectant use during pregnancy linked to childhood asthma and eczema

JJ竞技 Global Health: Global diets are harming human and planetary health

23 March 2022

The JJ竞技 : Widely used nausea drugs linked to heightened risk of stroke

The JJ竞技 : Lying prone long enough to improve outcomes is difficult for many covid-19 patients

21 March 2022

JJ竞技 Open: Doctors tend to overestimate gender equality progress in UK medicine, finds survey

JJ竞技 Open: Achieving gender parity will take another 60 years for some UK surgical specialties 

JJ竞技 Open: Gut infection outbreaks halved during first 6 months of COVID-19 pandemic in UK

16 March 2022

The JJ竞技 :  Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from mother to baby is rare, say researchers

The JJ竞技 :  Study finds no increased risk of rare neurological events after covid vaccination

The JJ竞技 :  Formula milk companies continue to push allergy products despite flawed evidence

15 March 2022

Evidence Based Mental Health:  Low blood folate may be linked to heightened dementia and death risks in older people

RMD Open:  Long term exposure to air pollution linked to heightened autoimmune disease risk

JJ竞技 Evidence Based Medicine:  Poor research practice suggests true impact of homeopathy may be “substantially” overestimated

9 March 2022

The JJ竞技 : Third vaccine dose critical for protecting populations against omicron variant

The JJ竞技 : Antiseptic drug as good as antibiotics for preventing recurrent urinary tract infections

8 March 2022

Occupational & Environmental Medicine:  Shift work linked to poorer working memory and slower mental processing speed

Gut: Distinct gut microbial profile may identify pancreatic cancer, irrespective of stage

JJ竞技 Open:  UK stillbirths among black and South Asian communities still double those of rest of population  

2 March 2022

The JJ竞技 : WHO recommends antiviral drug for patients with non-severe covid-19 at highest risk of hospital admission

The JJ竞技 : Study suggests additional covid-19 vaccine doses for immunocompromised patients

28 February 2022

British Journal of Sports Medicine 30-60 mins of weekly muscle strengthening activity linked to 10-20% lower death risk

Archives of Disease in Childhood:  Average of 9 promotional claims on packaging of UK baby food products

British Journal of Sports Medicine:  British Journal of Sports Medicine retracts editorial written by former editor

JJ竞技 Best Practice: JJ竞技 Best Practice selected for Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration into Civica's Paris Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system at Tees Esk and Wear Valleys (TEWV) NHS Foundation Trust

25 February 2022:

JJ竞技 corporate announcement: Clinical trials and guidelines must adopt best practices globally to realise potential benefits of acupuncture, argue experts in a major new JJ竞技 collection

23 February 2022

The JJ竞技 : Number of covid-19 infections missed by lateral flow tests “substantial enough to be of clinical importance,” warn experts

The JJ竞技 : Government’s decision to sell vital vaccine infrastructure “is baffling and should be reversed” argue experts

The JJ竞技 : Primary care exercise interventions help boost physical activity levels and reduce weight in adults

22 February 2022

Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open: Firearms have overtaken car crashes as main cause of premature US trauma deaths

Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine:   Estimated 2.6 m Americans prescribed opioids also on various other sedatives

17 February 2022

JJ竞技 Careers: Mental Health: JJ竞技 launches job board for mental health roles

15 February 2022

The JJ竞技 : Study suggests increased risk of mental health disorders after covid-19 infection

14 February 2022

Heart: 20 mins of daily exercise at 70 may best stave off major heart disease in late old age

JJ竞技 Open: Oestrogen levels linked to risk of COVID-19 death in older women

Evidence-Based Mental Health: Illicit amphetamine (‘speed’) use linked to 5-fold heightened risk of psychosis

9 February 2022

The JJ竞技 :   WHO efforts to bring vaccine manufacturing to Africa is being undermined by pharma, reveals The JJ竞技

The JJ竞技 :  Problematic levels of loneliness widespread in many countries

The JJ竞技 :  Almost 1 in 3 older adults develop new conditions after covid-19 infection

The JJ竞技 : UK is ‘international outlier’ in its approach to covid in children, argue experts

7 February 2022

Thorax:  Switch to dry powder inhaler more than halves carbon footprint of asthma treatment

Tobacco Control:  E-cigarettes linked to fewer successful quitters than other smoking cessation aids

JJ竞技 Open:  Up to half of kids worldwide and up to third of UK kids consume energy drinks weekly

Archives of Disease in Childhood:  First research definition for ‘Long COVID’ in kids and young people formally agreed

2 February 2022

The JJ竞技 : Ketamine is a short-term effective treatment for some suicidal patients in hospital

The JJ竞技 : Midlife chronic conditions linked to increased dementia risk later in life

1 February 2022

British Journal of Sports Medicine: Exercise may boost impact of pre-surgical chemo in patients with food pipe (oesophageal) cancer

JJ竞技 Global Health: Healthcare costs of FGM set to almost double to annual $US 2.1 billion by 2047

JJ竞技 Open:  COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy linked to childhood trauma

31 January 2022

JJ竞技 : JJ竞技 announces extension of exclusive sales partnership with USACO in Japan for a further 3 years

26 January 2022

The JJ竞技 :   New studies provide reassuring data on menstrual changes after covid-19 vaccination

The JJ竞技 : Vitamin D and fish oil supplements may reduce risk of autoimmune disease, trial finds

The JJ竞技 : Physical activity monitors do help boost activity levels in adults

25 January 2022

Gut: Make-up of gut microbiome may be linked to long COVID risk

Thorax: Lifetime workplace exposure to pesticides linked to heightened COPD risk

Open Heart: Estimated 300,000 people in UK have potentially fatal heart valve disease

19 January 2022

The JJ竞技 : Metal pins no better than traditional plaster cast for a broken wrist

The JJ竞技 : Editors call for covid-19 vaccine and treatment data to be available for public scrutiny

The JJ竞技 : The JJ竞技 announces appeal after Facebook fails to act over incompetent “fact check” of investigation

18 January 2022

Emergency Medicine Journal: 5 hour + emergency care wait before admission linked to heightened death risk

Evidence-Based Medicine: Performance of commonly used COVID-19 lateral flow tests for kids below par

British Journal of Ophthalmology: Difference between retina’s biological age and person’s real age linked to heightened death risk

Journal of Medical Ethics: Treat sperm sharing like egg sharing, UK fertility regulator urged

13 January 2022

The JJ竞技 : WHO recommends two new drugs to treat patients with COVID-19

12 January 2022

The JJ竞技 : Dramatic fall in hospital admissions for child infections during first year of covid-19 pandemic

The JJ竞技 : Should e-cigarettes be licensed as medicines?

10 January 2022

Occupational & Environmental Medicine: Long term exposure to air pollution may heighten COVID-19 risk

Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health: Years lived alone and/or serial break-ups strongly linked to inflammation in men

Thorax: Secondhand nicotine vaping at home linked to heightened risk of bronchitic symptoms in young adults

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