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At JJ竞技 , we believe we are helping to create a healthier world by listening and responding to the needs of individual professionals, their institutions, organisations and governments.

  • Tim Brooks
  • CEO, JJ竞技

Why sponsoring The JJ竞技 Awards is so beneficial: a sponsor's story.

Very few opportunities exist for companies to make a tangible difference to the wider society within which they operate. The JJ竞技 Awards is one such occasion. Each year it attracts category sponsors, who benefit from the brand recognition that only a major publisher can provide.

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Supporting patient care in China

In partnership with the Chinese Medical Association, JJ竞技 provides the JJ竞技 Best Practice digital decision support tool in the local language to millions of clinicians in China.

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Improving illiterate patients' understanding

JJ竞技 published the quality improvement project that intervened by designing a new discharge prescription proforma which used pictures and symbols rather than words to convey the necessary information. Its success was so great, the concept has been used in Pakistan, Malawi and North America.

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