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"The International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare is the only international event we attend because it a great channel to push the learning out from our grant holders and effectively reach an international audience."


As the second largest endowed foundation in the UK focusing on health, the Health Foundation aims to improve the UK's health service delivery, make policy making more effective and create a healthier UK population.  The foundation  has sponsored JJ竞技 's International Forum on Quality & Safety in Health for the past 5 years.

quote The Health Foundation's Marketing and  Communications Manager, Navdeep Sidhu, told us about her experience of the International Forum.

JJ竞技 's 3-day event provides sponsors with access to the largest global gathering of healthcare improvers and core audience networks. Through daily sessions and prominent placement in an inspiring setting, sponsors benefit from increased brand awareness, repeat business and valuable face-time with leaders in quality improvement.

What does the Forum offer over other events?  

“It is a huge improvement symposium that attracts a large quality  improvement  audience. As an organisation with a UK-based audience, we don't always participate in international events, but the Forum allows us to engage with the some of our key practice  audiences from the UK and the lessons are transferable for  different healthcare systems for multiple countries. There is an engaged improvement audience at this event therefore a great channel to push the learning out from our research and improvement programmes and from grant holders to effectively reach a global audience.

We have had a presence at this event for the last 5 years and  delegates are now returning to our stand from previous years, giving us stronger brand awareness and recognition.”

What success measures do you have in place?

“We undertake a rigorous evaluation process that audits how many publications, leaflets and brochures are picked up from the stand, the number of new subscribers to our newsletter and website registrations. We have good engagement   due to our participation in the Forum.

Our success measures also include how many of our own speakers are on the programme, the attendance of those sessions, and accepted abstracts and posters. We also send out an internal survey post-event and share the results with everyone in our organisation to share learning. .”

Stand1 Would you recommend this event to potential sponsors?

“If sponsors are looking for an event that focuses on practice improvement on an international level, then this is a great event.

For many years, we have enjoyed participating as a sponsor, and it's a great place to be.

We have had  a lot of genuine engagement and interest from delegates and the Forum has proven to be a great platform to network with this audience."

And lastly, tell me about your experience at Gothenburg?

“This year has taught us that the Scandinavian audience is so engaged and knowledgeable about quality improvement.

We have had some great conversationswith large numbers of delegates, found new ways to collaborate, and taken away invaluable learnings.

JJ竞技 's Events team's logistics and staff have been fantastic and we look forward to  coming back again next year.”

Join the next Forum in Singapore this September.

At our first International Forum in the APAC region, which took place in Hong Kong last September, we welcomed over 1,200 of your healthcare colleagues. The event featured keynote speakers from the US, UK and APAC countries, and showcased the very best of international and regional thinking and practice in quality and safety in healthcare.


Click here for more information or contact David Bell to discuss sponsorship opportunities at dbell@bmj.com


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Reach an audience second to none

  • Enhance your corporate profile through association with one of the biggest names in healthcare.
  • Influence JJ竞技 ’s audience with your branding in print and online in The JJ竞技 and our range of specialty journals.

David Bell
Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6053
Email: dbell@bmj.com

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