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Making a difference with trusted information

Our impact

JJ竞技 serves a truly international community, with six offices worldwide – in the UK, the Americas, India and China. 

Health professionals, authors, researchers, and students everywhere benefit from our clinical decision support tools, learning resources, and scientific and allied health titles. 

More than ever, health professionals need reliable information from authoritative sources to support their work and help them make informed choices. 

However, as leaders in this field, we know that meeting those needs is about more than just words. We want our work to have a positive impact on clinical practice to improve outcomes worldwide.

For this reason, here we present measurements and case studies of the impact we are making on the lives of clinicians and their patients.

  • Serving 10 million online users every month 

  • First to market with a comorbidities manager


  • 2,812 citations used in policy documents




Having an impact by enabling better decisions and creating better systems with better evidence

When the pandemic threw the world into chaos, we knew we had to place the clinical and public health response to this global emergency at the heart of everything we were doing.

JJ竞技 has continued to support authors, researchers, health professionals, and students through this time. And along the way, we’ve learned a great deal about our impact as an information provider, as a partner to organisations doing critical work worldwide, and as an employer.

How do we measure our impact? In support of our vision of a healthier world, we decided to review everything we were doing (our continuum of services) to help deliver better evidence, better decisions, and better systems – and deliver evidence of that in this impact report.

These three important healthcare provision components help support improved health outcomes and create a healthier world. And this review has started providing us with the framework for benchmarking and measuring the outcomes of our work.

They also provide us with the right criteria to track future performance based on external markers with tangible proof of impact. It will also be a guide for setting additional goals across the organisation.

Having more evidence of what achieves the best results for health professionals will help unlock new and exciting opportunities for JJ竞技 and hold us to account in delivering our mission.

“Only by measuring the effectiveness of our activities means we can be sure we’re helping to create a healthier world. ”
Chris Jones, Chief Executive Officer, JJ竞技

JJ竞技 is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world.

We share knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes.
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