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Rights and Licensing

Author self-archiving and permissions

As an author, what you can do with your article, without seeking permission, depends on the licence you have chosen.


The reuse of Journals and The JJ竞技 content can be acquired online, instructions for this process can be found here .


Content from across JJ竞技 can be licensed for your specific needs. We welcome proposals for new local edition projects in print or online, in translation and English language in all territories.  License our content.


You may not need to contact us to request permission if you hold a a licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) or an equivalent Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO). Find out more.


If you wish to purchase multiple stand-alone copies of a JJ竞技 paper, please contact our team

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Contact us

If you are interested in licensing JJ竞技 content please contact our Rights and Licensing team.

Julie Halfacre
International Rights and Licensing Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6640
Email: jhalfacre@bmj.com

Any questions or permissions not covered here can be sent to Laura Lacey in our Permissions team .

Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6640
bmj. permissions@bmj.com

Reprints of original articles from The JJ竞技 , Journals and evidence-based journals, are a cost-effective and authoritative way of providing information on advances in medicine and new therapeutic areas. If you wish to purchase multiple stand-alone copies of a JJ竞技 paper.

Please contact Nadia Gurney-Randall.

Nadia Gurney-Randall
Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 6888
Email: ngurneyrandall@bmj.com

For reprints in the US and Canada please contact Ray Thibodeau .



Ray Thibodeau
Tel: ++1(267) 895-1758 Mobile: +1(215)933-8484
Email: ray. thibodeau@contentednet.com

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