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JJ竞技 ’s brand is the company’s biggest asset. It makes us recognisable as the same global healthcare knowledge provider day after day. Our brand plays a key role in defining who we are. It reflects our values and vision for a healthier world.






The grid

A standard A4 grid has been designed to help give structure to our advertising layouts.

The grid works for typography only, illustrations and photography is not limited to the grid.





The roundel

A roundel device has been designed to highlight key offers, to help consistent application it should be applied using the following steps.

Step 1 – Sizing the roundel: The roundel is set at two columns and one gutter wide.

Step 2 – Bleeding off the roundel: The roundel should bleed off the page by the width of the gutter only.

Step 3 – Angle the message: To help separate the offer message from the ad, we angle the type -37º.

The roundel should always be anchored to an edge but never placed on the bound side of a journal or brochure as this may obscure it.

The roundel colour should be selected based on the colours used within the design layout.

The roundel should be reduced proportionally across different formats and continue to bleed off. On extreme landscape formats the roundel can bleed off at the top and bottom.





Email signature

In Gmail, use settings to create and update your signature.

The default signature is shown here and should be copied to your signature setting field and updated with your relevant details. 

For advice or guidance, please email: brandteam@bmj.com

  • Do only use Sans Serif in the sizes provided here.
  • Do not add more than two gifs, logos or certificates of achievements. 
  • Do not change colours. 
  • Add your mobile where applicable.
  • For the actual email body text, do not deviate from Sans Serif.







Our applications follow all the principles laid out in these guidelines. They should act as an extension of our brand with a consistent look and feel.


The choice of graphical illustrations for icons are clean and simple. The icon graphic should contain at least one reference to fulcrum angle (56.5 degrees) if possible.

All icons should be clear at small size (16px width).

The outline shape of the icon is dependent on where the icon is used (such as an iPhone icon) but if there is a choice, it should be consistent with other apps, with rounded corners..

The icon should be ‘flat’ (no 3D effects such as shadow or bevels).

Avoid using words in the icon. Icons created by external agencies should include .eps versions.

The colour of the icon should be white or JJ竞技 blue. Its background colour from our primary colour palette, but we recommend JJ竞技 blue or white as a default. You can utilise the blended form of the fulcrum here too.





Presentation template

Our presentation template has been designed to be user friendly and distinctive. The clean layouts ensure that all presentations look professional and retain excellent legibility.

Using our templates

The templates predominantly use the primary colour palette. However, for longer presentations with multiple sections the secondary colour palette can be introduced. This should only be used on dividers.

Our system typefaces, Arial, Roboto or Calibri, are used throughout our presentation template to ensure consistency.  Please do not create your own themes or deviate from the system fonts, Arial, Calibri or Roboto.

Find JJ竞技 branded templates  by opening Google Drive. Select File > New > From template > JJ竞技 or  click here  for direct access to the template gallery.  

 T o retain JJ竞技 system fonts,  cut and paste your copy into notepad, then cut and paste that directly into your branded template. 

Insert your own slides:  File > Import slides.

For formatting support or to request additional template designs, please email:  brandteam@bmj.com  

If you choose to create your own or use other themed templates then you must still use a JJ竞技 cover slide, apply our brand colours and system fonts, Arial, Calibri or Roboto.

Ingrid Bray
Corporate Communications and Brand Manager
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