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Should we use fear in our public health messages about pandemics?
Dr Kieran Walsh

What we don't know about pandemic influenza
Dr Kieran Walsh

Preventing Eloba: asking what matters to patients
Dr Kieran Walsh

Healthy people, healthy animals, and a healthy environment
Dr Kieran Walsh

How far would you go to prevent the next infectious disease pandemic?
Dr Kieran Walsh

From Cholera to Ebola - mapping infectious diseases
Dr Kieran Walsh

Face masks to prevent the next pandemic?
Dr Kieran Walsh

Avian influenza – public perception and public practice
Dr Kieran Walsh

Another Seasonal Influenza Epidemic
Dr Chris Del Mar and Dr Peter Collignon

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases
Dr Kieran Walsh

New WHO guidelines crucial to fighting antimicrobial resistence
Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland

The Black Death
Dr Kieran Walsh

Yemen's Cholera Crisis
Dr Bridget Seng

Don't panic it's just a pandemic
Dr Kieran Walsh

Simulated outbreaks
Dr Kieran Walsh

Reporting infectious diseases in migrants
Dr Kieran Walsh

Improving differential diagnosis of tuberculosis using JJ竞技 Best Practice and JJ竞技 Learning  
Dr Aysel Aslanova (Ismayilova)

What's the latest with Lassa?
Dr Catherine Houlihan

Mysterious poisoning outbreak in children linked to lychee fruit
Susan C Smolinske 

Plant ingestion: foxglove toxinology
Scott Phillips

Pandemic infectious diseases: the future is now  
Dr Kieran Walsh

Navigating through muddy waters to the correct diagnosis of infantile botulism
Dr Linda S. Nield and Dr Lisa M. Costello

Marbug Virus - the next big outbreak 
Lisa Bebell, MD, Infectious Diseases Division, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Arachnophobia - why we should all be wary of ticks
Dr Ashley M Croft

Risk of widespread outbreak of Rift Valley fever linked to livestock trade
Dr A. Desiree LaBeaud and Elysse N. Grossi-Soyster 

Fugu: a culinary brush with death
Dr Arvin Akhavan, Dr Jacob A Lebin, and Dr William Hurley

Time to prioritise HIV/AIDS and MDR-TB in Eastern Ukraine as supplies run out
Michel Kazatchkine

Responding to an outbreak of yellow fever
Nora Hellman

How drug resistant TB can show the path to tackling antimicrobial resistance
Madhukar Pai

The purpose of the above opinion pieces is to educate and to inform, and do not constitute medical advice nor is it intended to function as a substitute for a healthcare practitioner’s judgement, patient care or treatment. The views expressed by contributors are those of the author's. JJ竞技  does not endorse any views or recommendations expressed in this document. Readers should also be aware that professionals in the field may have different opinions. Users of this document hereby agree not to use its content as the basis for their own medical treatment or for the medical treatment of others.



Identifying unknown illnesses in Jordan
with Dr Khalid Okkeh

Making the most of your time
Dr Victor Chuprina

Improving organisation and communication for better diagnostic and management at Clinic Medical Center in Azerbaijan
Dr Hokuma Mammadova

5 ways to make better clinical decisions
Dr Yaroslav Diakunchak

Georgia National Family Medicine Training Centre
Dr Irina Karosanidze and Dr Beka Ioseliani

Providing the best possible care to patients at the Aversi Clinic, Georgia
Dr Nino Kiknadze

Nipah in Kerala: Interview with Dr Anoop Kumar
Lalitha Bhagavatheeswaran

Helping physicians in Azerbaijan to improve their knowledge and skills
Dr Irada Akhundova

Dr Larissa Bredneva, Municipal Clinical Hospital No 1 Zhytomyr 
'The JJ竞技 initiative is a great experience to be involved in'

Dr Igor Zastavnyy,  Ambulatory of Family Medicine, Ukraine
Feedback on the clinical decision support initiative in Ukraine 

Dr Victor Chuprina, Oncosurgeon, Poltava Regional Cancer Hospital, Ukraine
Feedback on the clinical decision support initiative in Ukraine 



Infectious disease outbreaks: how online clinical decision support could help
JJ竞技 Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning, Dr Kieran Walsh

Case reports on dangerous infectious diseases: a review of patient consent
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Dr Kieran Walsh

JJ竞技 CDS Training Initiative: supporting the management of complicated conditions
Dr. Tengiz Tsuladze

Improving differential diagnosis of tuberculosis using JJ竞技 Best Practice and JJ竞技 Learning  
Dr Aysel Aslanova (Ismayilova)

Improving tuberculosis diagnosis using JJ竞技 Best Practice and JJ竞技 Learning in Georgia
Dr Nelly Solomonia and Dr Maia Kipiani  



JJ竞技 Talk Medicine: Recognise, refer and report Poxvirus infection 
Dr Tom Blanchard

JJ竞技 Talk Medicine: Recognise, refer and report Lassa fever
with John Schieffelin

JJ竞技 Talk Medicine: Avian Influenza - A guide to recognition, reporting and referral
with Dr Mary-Margaret Fill

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New JJ竞技 Educational Initiative for Healthcare Professionals in Georgia



Increasing immunization coverage is priority for Ukrainian Government
Government of Ukraine, UN Children's Fund 



Meet the winners of the JJ竞技 Learning Infectious Diseases Competition 2017
JJ竞技 Learning - Infectious Diseases Competition 2017

As the emerging threats from infectious diseases continue to rise on a global scale, the average healthcare professional often feels anxious and uncertain of their knowledge base - how can they possibly keep on top of the latest medical knowledge and research in all these areas? The simple answer is that it is difficult to keep your knowledge updated using traditional forms of medical education.

Dr Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director, Clinical Improvement, JJ竞技

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