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We want to partner and collaborate with the world’s brightest minds to create a healthier world.

Your health or research company might be poised to scale its technology and business model worldwide but it can be a struggle without the right knowledge, funding or support. This is where JJ竞技 can help.

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  • We bring more than just cash to help you grow and scale up
  • Working with JJ竞技 gives you access to our reach, influence and expertise

What we look for in a partner

  • Alignment with our vision  and values
  • Innovative and disruptive solutions related to our core businesses: clinical decision support, learning, research, or recruitment 
  • A strong team
  • Opportunity to leverage on JJ竞技 ’s business 
  • Demonstrated traction with customers


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Integrating JJ竞技 Best Practice in to the clinical workflow

Promoting innovation in the health sector and supporting doctors by reducing cognitive burden is an important part of what we do to help create a healthier world. Our collaboration with the  medical AI (augmented intelligence) start up based in San Francisco,   RecoverX,  helps us to do that.

Through this strategic partnership, we deliver continuous updates from JJ竞技 Best Practice ’s evidence-based dataset through integration. In doing so, we can provide real-time diagnostic support directly into the clinical workflow – helping to address the global problem of diagnostic error. 

Discover RecoverX So you want to transform healthcare podcast Talk to us about strategic partnerships

How we will support you

We bring more than just cash to help you grow and scale up, giving you access to our reach, influence and expertise.

Our support packages will be built around what you need and where you are within your development stage.

Whilst aligning your brand with our established influence, recognition and reach , we also offer support through advertising, content, product development and growth, clinical support, events and engagement, technology and commercial growth, and networking opportunities.

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Connecting Patchwork Health with clinicians

In 2018, JJ竞技 New Ventures, acquired a minority interest in Patchwork Health, the digital health tech startup that empowers clinicians by delivering an effective and flexible working service to solve the staffing crisis.

“Our partnership with JJ竞技 has been enormously valuable. JJ竞技 has helped us scale our marketing to reach a greater community of clinicians, and we have benefited from being affiliated with a brand that clinicians know and trust. We have also started working together on several strategic partnerships to better integrate JJ竞技 products and services within our own product lines to provide a broader offering for Locum clinicians.

It’s been an essential and impactful partnership, and I believe that this is only the start of what we can achieve together.” 

Dr Anas Nader, CEO and co-founder of Patchwork Health Digital

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Steering a startup through a pandemic

JJ竞技 New Ventures provided input at the prototype stage of med-tech startup Oslr’s journey. The app connects doctors with medical educational opportunities at the bedside of patients in their workplace. 

“Our biggest takeaway was JJ竞技 ’s excellent agile approach to product development. The impact of that insight remains. Still today, we model our working ethos against the clearly defined frameworks that we learnt from JJ竞技 . 

Everything we develop has our customer at the core, and we refine our product based on their needs.

Five years later, I can say that this way of working is an essential factor in our sustainable business success.”

Alan Pooley, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Oslr

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