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    Make the most of your institutional subscription. Our Librarian Resource Center provides the tools and resources you need to successfully introduce and integrate JJ竞技 journals and solutions at your institution.

  • JJ竞技 Author Hub

    Get your research published, discovered, and cited. A free, online resource for any stage of the publishing journey. It takes you through the process before submitting, writing and formatting, and promoting your paper.

  • State of The Art Reviews

    The latest in clinical research from The JJ竞技 . An in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge. These 5,000-word articles offer specialists, academicians, and researchers the latest thinking on a broad range of topics.

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    High impact. Evidence-based medicine. Discover the medical journals that will meet your specialists' needs with some of the most influential titles in their field. We support health professionals and researchers everywhere.

High-impact medical journals

89% of JJ竞技 Journals saw an impact factor increase in 2021
JJ竞技 publishes 70+ health science titles. Ranging from pain medicine to cardiology and pediatrics to neurology, more than 50 million healthcare professionals and researchers rely on JJ竞技 publications every year to improve their clinical knowledge.

Evidence based medicine

Support the study and practice of evidence-based medicine.
JJ竞技 resources provide healthcare professionals with the evidence-based knowledge they need to put medical research and expert opinion into practice. Featured are a few of our most-popular EBM resources.

Author Resources

JJ竞技 supports your journey to becoming a published author is long and can be filled with questions, choices, and barriers. Conducting quality research — and getting it published and shared — require very different skills.

  • Case Studies

    Discover why thousands of organizations worldwide love using JJ竞技 Best Practice. Find out how we can provide your institutional users with the most influential journals and best available clinical decision support and educational tools.

  • Education and Learning

    A reliable online learning resource that helps doctors and healthcare professionals enhance their knowledge and progress their careers. It is one of the world’s largest and most trusted independent online learning providers for medical professionals.

  • Our Impact Report

    Our vision of a healthier world drives everything we do. By sharing knowledge and expertise, we help to improve patient outcomes through better evidence, better decisions, and better systems. See the difference we made during the past year.

  • Pharma Resources

    From clinical trials to pharmacology insight, groundbreaking disease research, and therapeutic intervention. Monitor drug performance. Give your pharma teams access to the world's largest collection of clinical case reports.

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