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Partner with us to publish your own curated collection of articles on a related issue, topic, or common global health theme.

JJ竞技 Global Health is an open access, multidisciplinary journal that addresses the information problem in global health. It is an open and inclusive forum for global health researchers, policymakers, funders, clinicians, and frontline healthcare workers.

Your supplement will be published as a dedicated issue alongside the regular content of JJ竞技 Global Health, ensuring maximum visibility through the journal’s open access publishing model.

Funded by your organisation, you determine the subject matter and scope of the supplement, with the added benefit of reaching JJ竞技 ’s established global audience. 

Supplements can be collections of previously unpublished articles on a common topic (whether original research, reviews, or analysis), proceedings of meetings or summits, or conference abstracts. All supplement proposals are reviewed and approved by the editorial team. Submitted papers are subject to the same rigorous independent peer review as the regular content of the journal, ensuring the highest standards for authors, readers, and the global research community.




  • Follow in the footsteps of i nternational inter- and non-governmental organisations, from the World Health Organization and UNICEF to funders such as Gates Foundation, who publish their supplements with us. 

  • Make your supplement open access and discoverable to new audiences for an extended period of time, whilst reaping the benefits of having your brand closely associated with one of the world’s leading knowledge healthcare providers .  

  • Strengthen your publishing expertise and the perceived quality of your content by having your supplement papers undergo the same rigorous peer review as regular journal submissions. 

Start the discussion with key global health stakeholders by publishing a supplement with JJ竞技 today

Contact Henry Spilberg
Associate Publisher
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